Digital x-rays are the latest in modern imaging technology, and they represent an important step forward for your Austin TX chiropractor. X-rays are a type of photograph, so modern advancements in photographic technology apply to them as well. Just like a digital camera, a digital x-ray machine provides a fast, clear image in a fraction of the time it takes using film.

Digital X-Rays Offer Speed, Precision and Portability

X-ray film used to require a darkroom, skilled personnel, and time to develop. This resulted in a long turnaround time between taking the x-ray and actually getting to see the image. A chiropractor in Austin might have to send the film away to be developed, and it might take days or even weeks. Modern digital images are available instantly, in our office. We can share them with anyone we need to just as fast.

If you have more than one doctor, it doesn’t make sense to get multiple x-rays taken. However, there are usually a limited number of copies of a film x-ray image. Digital x-rays are unlimited in number, and we can send the images electronically or give them to you on a disc to take along to your next appointment.

Unclear images are not uncommon when taking x-rays, but they used to represent much more of a problem than they do now. Blurred images would not be discovered until the film was developed, at which point new x-rays would need to be taken and there would be a new wait. Digital x-rays provide instant results so that the chiropractor in Austin TX can tell if they need to take another image.

Digital X-Rays Expose Patients to Less Radiation

Overall radiation exposure is rising in the United States. However, x-rays are still a critical part of assessing an injury and providing effective treatment. Luckily, digital x-rays expose people to less radiation than traditional film methods. This means that your Austin chiropractor can get the information they need while exposing you to less radiation.

The amount of radiation that a person is exposed to during an x-ray is also dependent on several factors that the technician controls. These factors include parameters that may be different from person to person, so the technician needs to make some choices before taking the image. Because we use exclusively digital x-rays, we have experienced personnel making sure that they get the best images with the least exposure for you.

Modern Digital X-Ray Technology is Available from First Chiropractic in Austin, TX

First Chiropractic uses exclusively modern digital x-ray technology. Our experienced chiropractor in Austin TX, Dr. Wottrich, can view the x-rays immediately and make sure they are readable before you leave the office. As your Austin TX chiropractor, Dr. Wottrich can also provide better advice and treatment more quickly when he uses digital x-rays because he can see what is going on right away. For the best in modern technology and treatment from an Austin chiropractor, call First Chiropractic at (512) 448-1012.