Dr. Jerel Wottrich provides effective treatment for herniated discs. Our chiropractor in Austin TX does not want you to live with the discomfort and limited mobility that accompany a herniated disc. At First Chiropractic, our health team evaluates your back pain, weakness or numbness to determine if you are struggling with a herniated disc. At our health center, we use digital x-rays for your convenience and to provide Dr. Jerel Wottrich with a better idea of your spinal condition. If he determines you require herniated disc treatment, Dr. Wottrich develops a personal care approach to meet your recovery needs. Our pain relief options are all natural, holistic and avoid the use of medications and surgeries. If you live in or around the Austin area and are seeking relief from back pain caused by herniated discs, we encourage you to visit us today.

Herniated Discs and Treatment with our Austin TX Chiropractor

A herniated disc may show itself slowly or suddenly. Also known as a bulging disc, a herniated disc occurs when the fluid-filled sac that is located between the vertebrae slips out of place. When the disc begins to take up additional space, it may interfere with nerve signal flow. This leads to weakness, numbness, tingling sensations, pain or a limited ability to move. The discs offer cushioning to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing onto each other, but when this fluid leaks, you may also feel pain from vertebrae being too close together. A herniated disc can occur after an auto accident injury, sports injury, overuse, degenerative disc disease, lifting a heavy object or years of poor posture. A spinal abnormality such as scoliosis that has been placing pressure on the discs for years may also cause this sac to shift out of place. Our Austin TX chiropractor offers natural pain relief options to help heal the herniated disc, restore your ability to move and reduce your pain.

Chiropractic Care with our Austin Chiropractor for Herniated Discs

Our Austin Chiropractor uses an inclusive approach for your herniated disc treatment. Once Dr. Wottrich identifies the area that is injured, he uses a variety of techniques to provide pain relief including:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Your chiropractic care program includes gentle spinal adjustments. Dr. Wottrich uses manual chiropractic adjustments to set your vertebrae into a healthier alignment. This lessens the pressure on the discs and helps your body move the disc into its natural space.

Spinal Decompression

Our spinal decompression technique increases the amount of space between the bones so your discs feel relief. This helps position your spine into a pain-free alignment and encourages the disc to reabsorb.

Contact our Chiropractor in Austin Today

If you are struggling with the pain of a herniated disc, we invite you to contact our chiropractor in Austin today. Dr. Wottrich brings gentle relief without medications. As your spine learns to remain in a healthier alignment, your overall health also improves and reduces your risks of future herniated disc concerns. To schedule your evaluation, please contact us today at (512) 448-1012.