As a chiropractor in Austin, we’ve seen many people struggle with neck and back pain from accidents and injuries. Often times, these individuals develop chronic pain that limits their function and creates a debilitating life. We can help to provide you with pain relief. Dr. Wottrich’s whole person approach addresses the underlying cause of your pain and creates an effective treatment plan to reduce or eliminating it.

What is causing your pain?

  • Perhaps you’ve been in a car accident and are suffering from whiplash.
  • A spinal disc tear can occur from various types of injuries.
  • Dysfunctional nerves can bring on pain as well.
  • Overexerting your body or straining can create pain and discomfort.
  • Sports injuries can create long-term pain and discomfort.

Pain Management through Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can provide the pain management that you need. We believe in a holistic, whole-body wellness plan. It doesn’t use pain medications or surgical procedures. Rather, it focuses on chiropractic care that addresses the underlying cause of your pain. When your body is struggling with pain, it is often due to a misalignment of the spinal column, joints and nerves. When misalignment occurs, the nervous system’s communication with the brand is skewed. You suffer from pain that doesn’t seem to improve.

Our pain management through chiropractic care can help. This is done through the use of chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments are manual movements of the spinal column to allow for the flow of information through the spinal column and nervous system. In short we position your joints and nerves in the proper manner to minimize the number of pain signals these nerves are sending to your brain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You

Chiropractic Care is an alternative to traditional medicine. It corrects the alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. By doing this, especially with a focus on the spine, we can minimize the pain you feel in your neck and back. This may help you to gain more range of motion, more mobility, and less pain.

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