As a safe and effective method for pain relief your Austin chiropractor offers spinal decompression services. Here at First Chiropractic Dr. Jerel Wottrich provides individuals with complete chiropractic care. In order to fully treat our patients we offer comprehensive services include spinal decompression treatments for pain management, as well as natural spine care. Learn what to expect when you go for this pain relief method at First Chiropractic.

Basics of Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a form of chiropractic treatment that stretches and lengthens the spinal column. By using manual adjustments, your chiropractor in Austin TX Dr. Wottrich is able to relieve pressure in your vertebrae. He performs this treatment on a traction table. This can allow him to reposition out of align vertebrae as part of all-natural spine care. It is also beneficial for reducing pain, which is why most patients seeking spinal decompression do so for pain relief purposes.

Natural Pain Relief and Pain Management

The spine is positioned in the central area of the musculoskeletal system. When the spinal column, more specifically vertebrae discs, are out of place, this can lead to pressure on nerve endings and muscle tissue. This pressure is a primary cause of pain, particularly due to herniated discs or bulging discs. In order to realign the spine and reduce pain spinal decompression techniques stretch out the vertebrae.

If you have discs that are swollen or inflamed this takes the pressure off of these. This can also reduce pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles. Your chiropractor in Austin can use spinal decompression as a form of pain relief, as well as for pain management for chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia.

Austin TX Chiropractor for Spine Care

As part of a holistic approach to health and wellness, spinal decompression is particularly useful for spine care. Your Austin TX chiropractor can help to improve posture and reduce inflammation along the spinal column with regular spinal decompression treatments. By committing to this treatment on a regular basis you can also remedy issues, such as bulging discs or sciatic nerve pain, during early onset. Early detection of painful conditions offers you the best and fastest solution for pain relief.

Chiropractic Services at First Chiropractic

In addition to spine care, First Chiropractic provides relief for various injuries including sports injury and auto injury. If you have suffered a personal injury you can include chiropractic services including decompression as part of an integrated wellness plan. We also provide holistic treatments for migraine headaches that can include decompression. Our goal is to effectively treat your pain, improve healing, and promote a healthier you through regular chiropractic care as your Austin TX chiropractor.

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For more information about spinal decompression for pain relief, pain management, or spine care we are here to help. In addition to spinal decompression our services include chiropractic adjustments, migraine treatments, sports chiropractic, and sciatica care. Contact First Chiropractic in Austin TX at (512) 448-1012 to schedule your chiropractor visit.