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Your Austin Chiropractor Healing After a Slipped Disc 

patient with slipped disk in Austin, TX

Developing back pain raises concerns about your health, especially if the pain persists and stems from your spine. In many cases, the injury to your back or spine relates to a slipped disc. By understanding the injury and seeking treatment from a professional chiropractor, you have the opportunity to heal without harsh medications or invasive treatment.

What is a Slipped Disc?

At First Chiropractic, we recognize that a variety of health concerns arise when your back pain persists or causes problems with your daily lifestyle. Dr. Jerel Wottrich provides the care that you need to address a slipped disc and start the healing process.

A herniated disc refers to an injury that causes the inner portion of a disc in your spine to slip out, or bulge away from, the rest of your spine. The signs and symptoms of the injury include:

  • Pain or numbness on one side of your body

  • Pain that worsens during sleep

  • Unexplained weakness

  • Tingling or aching

  • Pain that worsens when you stand, sit or walk short distances

Generally, a bulging disc results in pain and discomfort that worsens with specific actions and can spread throughout different areas of your body. Depending on the location of the disc, and the way that the pain spreads along your side, arms or legs will vary.

Treatment Solutions in Austin TX 

Treating a herniated disc in Austin TX requires appropriate tools and solutions. At First Chiropractic, we provide appropriate treatment based on the severity of your symptoms and the injuries that caused the pain. 

A chiropractor in our office evaluates the extent of your injuries and then creates a personalized treatment plan that focuses on helping your body heal and realigning or straightening your spine. We use chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and appropriate lifestyle strategies to encourage healing and improve your mobility while addressing the underlying pain from the bulging disc.

Recovering with Chiropractic Care

Treatments from a professional chiropractor in our office focus on your specific needs and situation. We use appropriate tools and strategies to help address the unnatural movement and shifting of the disc so that your body heals and recovers. 

We use an individualized treatment strategy that incorporates different solutions based on your situation, the injuries and your lifestyle. We make suggestions for appropriate exercises to help your body recover and supervise the exercises while you learn. We also provide treatments with a chiropractic professional and use massage therapy to help address any tension or injuries to the muscles that contribute to your pain or cause more pressure in your spine.

Spinal manipulation and similar treatments help address your concerns when back pain develops. At our clinic, we provide the appropriate treatments and tools based on your goals and the pain that you experience to help you start healing and recovering from an injury. To learn more about treating a herniated disc or to set up an appointment with Dr. Jerel Wottrich, contact us today.

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