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Treating Back Pain with Your  Austin, TX Chiropractor

At First Chiropractic Austin we apply chiropractic healing techniques to bring you solutions that will alleviate your back pain safely. Our techniques are noninvasive and they don’t involve drugs or surgery. Massage therapy is an important part of back pain treatment. Another basic approach is chiropractic treatment for spinal alignment. Some of the typical results of our back pain treatment are reductions in muscle spasms, relief of pain caused by sore muscles, and reduction in the likelihood that your back pain will return.

What are the most common causes of back pain?

Your body’s a splendid and intricate structure that requires care. Misuse your back and you may experience pain, which can happen when you put excessive pressure on it. Twisting improperly and falling poorly are both ways in which you can damage your back and limit your mobility.

Major components of your back are bones, spinal cord, discs, nerves and muscles. These all play a complex and interrelated part in your back’s function. If you want your back to work well, the vertebra must be correctly aligned. Individual vertebrae are separated by discs and nerves that hold vertebra and discs together. When you have a slipped disc, there’s excessive pressure on your nerves that causes pain that can radiate into your arms and legs. Sometimes there’s a feeling numbness or a tingling sensation.

What is the importance of pain management?

It’s easy to accept a pattern of pain. It begins gradually and becomes a familiar feeling. Even so, it continuously adds to stress and tension that should be alleviated for healthier living.

Poor posture leads to discomfort. Stress builds up in our shoulders and upper backs. Sometimes we ignore back pain and headaches as unimportant, not realizing how serious a seemingly minor condition can become if ignored.

At First Chiropractic Austin, our chiropractic treatment in combination with other techniques can help you manage your back pain.

What’s the best treatment for Sciatica?

Sciatica is caused by compression of your sciatic nerve—it can be quite painful. The sciatic nerve extends from the lower part of your spine to your hips and legs. Common causes of this condition include a bone spur that’s pressing on the sciatic nerve, joint disease, or poor posture exerting stress on your nerves. Inflammation, weakness, debilitating pain and loss of mobility can result if the condition’s ignored.

When you choose to treat sciatica with chiropractic methods, you’ve wisely elected to help your body help heal itself—one of the core principals of chiropracty. Here are some of the common treatments we use:

  • Spinal manipulation helps restore your spine’s proper alignment and function. It also helps your body to relieve pain causing nerve compression.
  • Ice-Cold Therapy controls sciatica pain effectively and also reduces inflammation.

If you are feeling back pain don't suffer in silence. It's not healthy. Visit First Chiropractic Austin to solve your chronic back pain problems at long last.

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