Do you have a stress fracture? Let our experienced chiropractor diagnose you!

Could you be experiencing a stress fracture as a result of overuse from daily life, on the job issues or sports injuries? Get a complete diagnosis and treatment profile with First Chiropractic so you can return to your sport, the workplace or simply improve your general quality of life.

Our Austin chiropractor uses state of the art techniques to offer a precise diagnosis to develop a treatment for your stress fracture. Our office uses digital x-ray techniques so we may review your results immediately after your x-ray has been performed.

How chiropractic helps with sports injury treatment and stress fractures

Stress fractures can occur when we are out of line. Small cracks can occur over time with repetitive activities. The amount of stress we put on our bodies in sports, as athletic enthusiasts, in the workplace and sometimes in daily life can contribute to the potential of developing a stress fracture.

Sports injury treatment

Athletes seem to push themselves to the max, sometimes to the point of making the body too vulnerable. We encourage athletes to visit us preventively to remove any subluxations or nervous system interferences so that soft tissues such as fascia, ligament, tendons, and muscles communicate optimally with bone. When you see us regularly we can continually monitor any vulnerable areas. A combination of regular chiropractic and massage therapy can help manage your risk.

Workplace risk

Are you constantly lifting, using forklifts or in the construction field? These types of jobs can put us at risk for fractures. If you perform this type of work and also have a sedentary lifestyle outside of work, your risk is advanced. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce your risk for stress fracture.

Other overuse issues

Internal health concerns such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis can leave you vulnerable to a stress fracture if you are not able to perform regular, weight bearing exercises or as a complication of the disease. Our caring chiropractor can help you minimize your risk for stress fracture with regular, gentle chiropractic techniques.

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